Aloe Ferox USA
Aloe Ferox USA distributes aloe ferox herbal health care products.
Aloe whole-leaf gel, honey bush tea, evening primrose
glycerides, almond glycerides, allantoin, sorbitol.
Aloe Ferox Whole-leaf Aloe Gel is made up of a combination
of aloe ferox and various herbs and oils that are known for
their positive effect on various skin conditions.  To retain as
many of the medicinal agents as possible, the whole, bitter
free leaf is used.  No liquid sap, fiber or green peel is lost
during the cool processing method.  Because the nutrients
and medicinal agents are manufactured in the peel, this part
of the aloe ferox contains a higher concentration of these
agents than any other part of the leaf, which means that the
Whole-leaf Aloe Gel contains the full spectrum of the
medicinal qualities of the aloe ferox.  Just as the skin care
routine without Aloe Ferox Super Aloe Gel is incomplete, in
the same way Aloe Ferox Whole-leaf Aloe Gel is
irreplaceable for the treatment of damaged skin.
+  Aloe ferox contains at least 130 medical agents with
various actions that support the body's functions:
anti-inflammatory, analgesic, calming, anti-septic, germicidal,
anti-viral, anti-tumor, anti-cancer, detoxifying, destroys
parasites, stimulating cell renewal, stimulating wound healing.
+  An application of a concentrated aloe ferox gel leaves a
layer on the skin that supports the skin's natural self
protective processes.
+  Various oils help nourish and feed the skin.
+  Skin rejuvenation for damaged and injured skin.
+  Positive for use with various skin complaints.
Aloe Ferox USA

Aloe Ferox USA
Aloe Ferox USA - Whole-leaf Gel
Aloe Ferox USA
Aloe Ferox USA