Aloe Ferox USA
Aloe ferox, ginger, gotu kola, horsetail,
guarana, wheat germ protein
Aloe Ferox Cel-u-lite contains 5 special herbs that help
fight that "orange peel" effect.  Cellulite consists of fat,
water and toxic waste.  Bad eating habits are
responsible for the storage of waste and toxins in fat
tissue.  It is most important to get rid of the waste:
follow a cleansing diet with more fiber as it excretes
toxins from the body.  Toxins build up through alcohol,
coffee, tea, smoking, crash diets, trans fats and
medication such as diet, pep, and diuretic pills.  Drink
plenty of water.  Prevent constipation (Aloe Ferox
Fabulous Fiber Bitter is of great help here.)  Sweat
(exercise) expels toxins through the skin.  Skin brushing
is a technique used to promote drainage of the
lymphatic system and removal of toxins directly through
the skin.  It also promotes blood circulation, skin
removal and quicker production of connective tissue.
The herbs in Aloe Ferox Cel-u-lite contain plant
chemicals that:
+ are favorable for cell regeneration
+ are favorable for the metabolism of fatty tissue
+ are unfavorable for the metabolism of fatty tissue
+ help maintain proper circulation.
Aloe Ferox

Aloe Ferox USA
Aloe Ferox USA -  Cel-u-lite Gel
Aloe Ferox USA
Aloe Ferox USA